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My friend and her Indian girlfriend don't want to stop the relationship at any cost but at the same time Indian woman is concern about her kids especially her elder son. i talked to my friend that first of all he should think about their age difference and culture but he said he love her and she also love her and they want to be with each other and he also plans to have kids with her. He asked me what he and his girlfriend could do to solve the problem.Answer Save 6 AnswersRelevance Anonymous9 years agoFavorite Answer The answers here are interesting and reflect the hypocrisy in our culture.. So what if your friend is 22 and the woman is 44? Why is it okay for old men in their 60s to marry girls in their early 20s, but not okay when it's an older woman who dates young guys? Women have feelings too, her being divorced does not mean that she's incapable of ever loving again. .. and so what if she's Indian? What does her race have anything to do with her being in a relationship with a younger man? Indian men do a lot worse by kidnapping/trafficking young girls and selling them into the sex trade. This woman is only having a relationship, and at least it's consensual, neither your friend nor her son are small kids, they are mature men at 22 so she doesn't have to put her ''kids'' before herself and she doesn't really have to explain anything to you. Let your friend do what he wants, he is obviously happy with the woman, and quite frankly, it's none of either yours or her son's concern. If the woman fears being assaulted by her son (since men controlling women is the norm in Indian culture) then she should contact the police and get a restraining order on him straight away.0 1 YetiLv 7 9 years agoThe kids come first. If they're not okay with it or it's not being handled right with them, he needs to back off. They're not going away, and his life will only get worse if they try to steamroll over the kids being angry, etc. And it might be good if he understands in advance what things will be like when she's 60 and he's 40. Not fun, most likely. At most if he wants to have some relationship with her, there needs to be a clear line between her life with her kids, and the time they spend together elsewhere. Most people who have divorces and start dating again keep anyone they date well away from their kids until they are virtually certain they're going to get married... and then the job is to gradually incorporate them into life with the kids before getting married. The worst thing you do is not have a good line at the start and just bulldoze into the kids' lives. So, if she wants to date him, they need to do so away from the kids right now at the minimum.0 3 ianhelix9 years ago Women are vile and have no honor. Tell your friend to move on if he's a man.0 3 ?9 years ago fudge that is some nasty shiz right there aye mate2 2 How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.Sign in Robert LLv 7 9 years agoYou should stay out of it. .3 2 Mary9 years ago Your friend can have better girls.1 3 Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Ask Question +100 Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.Join Trending QuestionsTrending QuestionsMy boyfriend doesn't stay hard?11 answersDate him or not - his balding is unattractive?43 answersMy boyfriend won't let me moan or make any noise during sex. If I disobey him then he stops completely, even if I'm orgasming or about to.?36 answersShe’s in love with someone else, should I still tell her how I feel?18 answersI cant get over her?30 answersAnswer QuestionsAnswer QuestionsHis snapchat score increases 300 a day. 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