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PHOTOS: Damaged tree limbs, utility lines blanket Oglesby, La Salle and Peru after storm | Bureau County Republican

Open in app Become a member Sign in Responses The boy who invented povertyVardan Aggarwal Follow Jul 28 · 5 min read When we allow a handful of people to take control of our natural resources in the name of development, we create poverty. Our natural resources belong to everyone. Long ago, before there were rich and poor, there used to be a village in the dessert. There wouldn’t have been any people alive if there weren’t the magical tree. The lone tree, in the middle of the dessert, which bore fruits every night. The old villagers used to tell a story that the tree was thousands of years old and so was the village. The god had created the tree for the villagers and for thousands of years the tree bore one fruit each for every villager every night. It was said that the magic will disappear if any villager visited the tree in the night and hence no villager went near the tree before dawn. The village had a rule, that each and every villager will take only one fruit from the tree when they visit the tree in the morning. Nobody ever broke the rule, punishment was being abandoned in the dessert. But no one was really watching, villagers knew that no one was stealing because at the end of the day everyone got a fruit. All the villagers, young or old, visited the tree every morning to pick up their fruit. So did the young boy. One of these days, he got late and he found that there were only two fruits on the tree. He thought to himself, “May be I am the last one and this fruit is extra. May be the extra fruits disappear and nobody notices. Let me wait for some time and if nobody comes, I can have the extra fruit.” He waited and nobody came. So he picked the fruit and started walking back home. There he saw an old man, walking slowly towards the tree. The boy realised his folly and he knew what would happen next. He intercepted the old man and said, “Why! I waited for you for such a long time, I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to come today! So I thought I will bring your fruit to you”. The old man thanked the kid and said, “That’s so nice of you. The everyday walk to the tree is becoming impossible for me.” “May be I can deliver your fruit to you everyday?” “Is that possible? Why would you do that?” “It is no extra effort for me, really.” “Okay then.” The boy just saved his own life and well, it wasn’t really any extra effort. And so the boy started delivering the fruit to the old man everyday. When the boy started picking two fruits from the tree, people were bound to notice. But getting caught and survived once, the boy knew how to get out of the tough situation. He would narrate the story and will offer his service. For anyone, it was an offer too good to refuse and the list of people boy serviced increased on and on. Soon enough, it was an effort. And also a common place knowledge that the boy delivered the fruit for those who found it tough to visit the tree everyday. People didn’t mind anymore when they saw him carrying a large sack full of fruits. But the boy did. He did so much extra effort, for what purpose? He had had enough. He deserved a payment for his efforts. If the villagers won’t pay then he will get his payment from elsewhere. He decided to steal a fruit from the tree. And if he got caught then he will just say that he miscounted and if people didn’t trust him they can get their own fruits from the next day. What hadn’t happened ever in the village, finally happened. Someone didn’t get a fruit. The man was angry and furious. He ran to the village shouting, “Someone stole my fruit. Someone stole my fruit”. The villagers held a meeting. And everyone said they got only one fruit. The boy was questioned too. He decided to take his chance. He said, “I have been delivering fruits to everyone for days. If I were stealing fruits then someone would have complained. If you people don’t trust me, I will stop delivering the fruits.” He had taken a risk, he knew. But what happened next was something that he didn’t expect. The villagers for whom he delivered the fruits started arguing on his behalf. The older men led the charge. Those who didn’t use his services were grilled, their houses searched. In the end, someone suggested may be the tree had stopped bearing enough fruits. “But it has never happened in thousands of years.” “But never had there been a theft either. If no one stole the fruit then where did it disappear”, came the counter argument. “May be the fruits disappear after some time. May be you went too late”, said another. “But what now? What about the man who didn’t receive the fruit?”, asked an old man. “May be we shall all share a sliver of our fruit with him.”, suggested someone. “But why shall we?”, asked another. “As a payment for delivery.”, suggested the boy. “It is too much of an effort and I could really use some help. Whoever doesn’t get the fruit can help me distribute the fruits and in return get a sliver of fruit from each villager who gets the delivery”, he continued. With some gasps and heaves, villagers agreed. One would expect this will lead to villagers refusing to use the boy’s services and instead pick their own fruits. But reverse happened. Once people realised that there was a risk that they might end up without a fruit, more and more people started subscribing to the service. This meant more efforts. But the boy knew how to get more employees. He will just make another fruit disappear. And every time a fruit disappeared, the cost of service increased a little. After all, there were more mouths to feed. And soon, there were 3 types of people in a village where everyone used to be equal. The boy who owned the tree and grew fatter by the day, the villagers who used the boy’s service and grew thinner by the day and the poor ones who toiled everyday and lived at the mercy of the boy. Thousands of years later, there were the rich, the middle class and the poor and everyone believed that is how things have always been. 1 FictionSocietyPovertyEconomicsEntrepreneurship 1 clap 1 clap Written byVardan AggarwalFollow Follow Written byVardan AggarwalFollow More From MediumDear White Person, Make A Racist UncomfortableLee Anna McGuire Ten Tips for Sisters Who are Ready to UnshiftTamela J. Gordon The Exclusivity of Inclusion: On Disability and DiversityKenny Fries Dear Trump Supporters: It May Be Just a Red Hat to You, But to Us It’s So Much MoreAndy Ostroy African Students Encounter Institutional Racism at a Top Chinese University, Raising Urgent…Jacob Pagano Aryenish Birdie Is Building a More Inclusive Animal Rights Movementrachel krantz in Tenderly Racism, Violence, and Police in Our Public LibrariesAmanda Oliver Feminism, Scientism, and ShameScott Banks Discover MediumWelcome to a place where words matter. On Medium, smart voices and original ideas take center stage - with no ads in sight. WatchMake Medium yoursFollow all the topics you care about, and we’ll deliver the best stories for you to your homepage and inbox. ExploreBecome a memberGet unlimited access to the best stories on Medium — and support writers while you’re at it. Just $5/month. UpgradeAboutHelpLegalGet the Medium app

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The boy who invented poverty. Long ago, before there were rich and… | by Vardan Aggarwal | Jul, 2020 | Medium, Ovenstadlia sex

site-logo Warriors49ersGiantsAthleticsKingsSharksRaidersPodcastseSportsTom HaberstrohSoccer#AuthenticFanCoaching CorpsVideo MORE Live Video Monte Poole Insider Podcast Schedule Standings Stats Tickets CSN golf rotoworld Search Watch now View full schedule Live Upcoming Events No Events at this time Warriors Subscribe: NBA rumors: Warriors believe Anthony Edwards can be franchise guy, help now NBA rumors: Warriors believe Anthony Edwards can be franchise guy, help now By Drew Shiller August 11, 2020 11:01 AM Share Tweet Mail To If the Warriors win the NBA draft lottery -- and choose not to trade the selection -- who will they take with the No. 1 overall pick? Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle reported in April that Georgia guard Anthony Edwards likely would be the choice. And on Tuesday, he provided an even deeper explanation. "Golden State believes, per a league source, that Edwards is one of the few players available in this draft who can contribute immediately and develop into a face of the franchise within the next few seasons," Letourneau writes. This would be the ideal outcome for the franchise. A fully healthy Warriors roster -- which in theory would include some significant additions this offseason -- wouldn't need major contributions from Edwards right away. The Atlanta native just turned 19 years old last week, and he would have the luxury of learning from Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins. Edwards could somewhat take his time adjusting to life as a professional, and soak up as much knowledge as possible as he continues to learn the nuances of the game. And throughout that process, the goal would be for Edwards to realize his potential, become an All-Star level player and help carry the franchise into its next iteration. [RUNNIN' PLAYS PODCAST: Listen to the latest episode] But the truth is that this possible plan is far from a guarantee. In the eyes of many draft analysts, Edwards is not a sure-fire prospect. Yes, he averaged 19.1 points per game as a freshman for the Bulldogs, and had some incredible performances. STEPH + KLAY + ANTHONY EDWARDS = OH MY— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) November 26, 2019 ANTHONY EDWARDS IS A MONSTER!!— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) November 26, 2019 But he shot 40 percent overall and just 29.4 percent from 3-point range over 32 games. "I think he needs to work on attacking the basket a little more," Edwards' brother, Antoine, told Dell and Sonya Curry in May. "He settles for the jump shot a lot when he's pretty strong and big. He gets to the hole with contact -- people slapping and grabbing his arm -- and he still can lay the ball up. "You do that with ease. Why sit out there and make a difficult shot when you do something easy?" I’m in. Anthony Edwards is going to score a lot of points in the NBA. Sign me up— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) March 7, 2020 [RELATED: Report: Warriors haven't met with top prospect Edwards yet] The lottery will be held next Thursday, Aug. 20, and this whole discussion could become a moot point if the Dubs slip to say No. 4 or No. 5, and Edwards goes in the top three. Isn't it wild how ping pong balls can alter the course of NBA history? Follow @DrewShiller on Twitter and Instagram Watch Warriors' Andrew Wiggins show off handle in offseason workout Watch Warriors' Andrew Wiggins show off handle in offseason workout By Marcus White August 12, 2020 6:37 PM Share Tweet Mail To The Warriors haven't played in an NBA game for five months, and they might not play for (at least) another two or so. Andrew Wiggins is trying to make the most of that time, working out with trainer Chris Johnson in Los Angeles. Johnson posted a video on his Instagram on Wednesday of Wiggins flashing his handle on a slot pick-and-roll. Wiggins working on his game 👀 (via IG/chrisjohnsonhoops)— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) August 13, 2020 Steph Curry and Draymond Green figure to share the bulk of the ball-handling duties if and when the Warriors' projected starting lineup is fully healthy to start next season, so Wiggins might not get many chances to show off what he learned working with Johnson. Projected over a full season, Wiggins' 25.4 percent usage rate in his first 12 games with the Warriors would be the fourth-lowest of his career. Curry played in just one of those games, so that number almost certainly will drop in Wiggins' first full season with Golden State. [RELATED: Steph, Dame deserve better than these ridiculous debates] Still, Wiggins initiating plays as a primary ballhandler would be an added bonus.  The Warriors are plenty high on him already, though. Assistant coach Ron Adams said in June that the "sky's the limit" for the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, and head coach Steve Kerr said earlier this month that "[Wiggins] fights right in" on the wing. Wednesday's video provided a brief glimpse of how Wiggins is trying to reward their faith. [RUNNIN' PLAYS PODCAST: Listen to the latest episode] Tags: Golden State Warriors, NBA, Andrew Wiggins Why Klay Thompson thinks it's 'hard time to play' during NBA restart Why Klay Thompson thinks it's 'hard time to play' during NBA restart By Marcus White August 12, 2020 5:34 PM Share Tweet Mail To Klay Thompson said he can't blame any NBA players having trouble focusing on basketball right now. The restarted season is occurring in a "bubble" at the Walt Disney World Resort amid a global pandemic that has killed nearly 170,000 Americans alone and within months of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's deaths at the hands of police. The coronavirus' disparate impact on people of color, coupled with renewed attention on African Americans disproportionately dying in police custody, has laid bare the entrenched systemic inequalities within the United States.  Around three-fourths of NBA players are Black, and Thompson said he empathizes with his peers on the 22 NBA teams still playing. .@KlayThompson sits down to discuss every topic from his style evolution, his NBA championship pick to his favorite Tissot watches that he's rocking this year (@TISSOT) #ThisIsYourTime— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) August 12, 2020 "Honestly, these last few months, it was like divine intervention happening for the world to see what is really going on to a lot of marginalized peoples in this country," Thompson told Brandon Williams in an interview for Bleacher Report. "So I feel for the players right now. It's a hard time to play." Thompson marched in a protest against systemic racism organized by teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson back in June, and NBA players and coaches have maintained that focus in Orlando. [RELATED: Steph, Dame deserve better than these ridiculous debates] Players are mentioning Taylor in their pre- and post-game press conferences, calling for the officers involved in her death to be arrested. Gregg Popovich's media availability routinely serve as history lessons about American injustice. League-approved social-justice messages adorn the backs of players' jerseys. The NBA announced it's committing $300 million over the next decade to spur economic growth in Black communities. This all is happening as the NBA seeks to complete its season and crown a champion, with teams resuming for the first time in months in pursuit of the sport's ultimate prize. That's a tall order on its own, and an even taller one for players and coaches using their platforms in an effort to enact meaningful, systemic change. It's understandable they're doing so with heavy hearts. [RUNNIN' PLAYS PODCAST: Listen to the latest episode] Tags: Golden State Warriors, NBA, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Klay Thompson Load more Watch Warriors' Andrew Wiggins show off handle in offseason workout Why Klay Thompson thinks it's 'hard time to play' during NBA restart Why Tom Haberstroh believes Warriors will trade Andrew Wiggins, top pick Warriors' Klay Thompson picks Giannis' Bucks to win 2020 NBA title What a Steph Curry contract extension with Warriors would look like Steph Curry, Damian Lillard deserve better than ridiculous debates Watch Warriors' Klay Thompson use dog Rocco for curls during workout Andre Iguodala discusses different approaches between Warriors, Heat Warriors' Steph Curry praises Suns for starting lineup introductions Trainer says Warriors' Steph Curry 'as bouncy and energetic' as ever NBA rumors: Warriors believe Anthony Edwards can be franchise guy, help now NBA rumors: Warriors' Klay Thompson, Steph Curry held workout together Why Mychal Thompson was nervous for Klay's first game vs. Kobe Bryant Steph Curry says NBA players upsetting President Trump doing 'right thing' How Steph Curry feels watching brother Seth in NBA bubble restart Warriors' Steph Curry 'had major FOMO' when NBA bubble games started Damian Lillard, Dwyane Wade congratulate Steph Curry on Under Armour brand NBA rumors: Draft lottery will be virtual for Warriors, other 13 teams Why Kent Bazemore signing with Warriors in free agency makes sense Warriors' Bob Fitzgerald says Steph Curry doesn't get star treatment FOLLOW US Facebook Twitter Instagram ©2020 Comcast SportsNet California, LLC A Division of NBC Universal Press Releases Contact Us Employment Opportunities Internships Terms of Service Privacy Policy - New Do Not Sell My Personal Information Advertising with NBCS BA Closed Captioning Parents Guide to TV Ratings Independent Programming Guide Live FAQ TV Listings GET NEWSLETTERS & ALERTS SIGN UP

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Ficek, who owns property at 427 Columbia Ave. in Oglesby, said there was major damage to the back corner of the house, a large tree limb on the roof, all utility wires snapped and the cable knocked out. Limbs and branches covered the yard like a blanket. “I was on my way home from work in Pontiac so I caught the tail end of everything on my way here,” said Ficek, who owns two other homes in the village, noting all his tenants were OK. “One of my other homes has eight to 10 trees down around it and shingles missing, but this home took the most damage. None of the damage penetrated the home, but there is major structural damage. With three different homes, I don’t even know where to start as far as insurance goes right now. “I bought a chainsaw a couple weeks ago, now I wish I would have bought a bigger one.” Ficek was not alone across Oglesby, La Salle and Peru. Most of Oglesby appeared to be without power, attributed in part to downed power lines on Route 351. Columbia Lane was reduced to one lane by a downed line on the west side of the highway. A number of trees were uprooted at Memorial Park. The other end of the city was no better. The Ed Hand Highway was impassable at the intersection with East Walnut Street. There, workers were spotted removing at least one tree blocking the roadway. First responders assisted, not one, but two semi tractor-trailers that had blown over. One lay on its side on Mallick Road, a few yards north of the east entrance to Advantage Logistics. The second lay in a problematic spot at the off-ramp from Interstate 39 south bound, near the Oglesby spur where traffic lights were completely darkened. In La Salle, Brian and Lorena Kelm, who live at 551 Eighth Street, had a huge chunk of tree in their front yard snap and it had to be moved from the street. A limb was covering a power line in the back of the house. The tree that partially fell in front, coincidentally, was scheduled to be cut down. They had no significant damage to their home. “I was at work, Pomp’s Tire Service, and my wife Lorena and our two children were here at home,” Brian said. “The storm hit there first and I called her and told her ‘it’s coming’ to get everyone in the basement. “From what I could see from my work, I think there was rotation in the sky towards the north of us. I actually watched as part of the roof of Rural King tore off." Lorena said she was with her children in the living room looking out the window to see if the storm was getting close. “Five minutes later Brian called saying ‘get in the basement’," Lorena said. “I was like ‘what do you mean?' We were just looking out the window. The storm came in very fast and all I could hear was the wind.” “We are all OK.” The city of La Salle had workers out in force Monday night. “La Salle city workers are working quickly to clear downed trees off of public roads," said Brent Bader, director of public relations and community development in La Salle. "At this time, we advise all residents to stay away from downed power lines as Ameren is aware of the power outages and is working to fix them. We ask all residents to use caution when traveling and have patience until roadways are clear and power is restored. We also want to appreciate everyone showing their La Salle spirit by working together following this storm’s damage.” Downed power lines and/or tree limbs halted traffic on U.S. 6 near the House of Hunan restaurant and also forced diversions on Peoria Street near Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. Chuck Studer, who lives at 734 26th St. in Peru, said a tree in his front yard split in half, damaging the soffit, also causing some damage to his neighbor's siding as well. “I work at Illinois Valley Regional Airport and our wind meter hit about 70 mph before the power went out. However, the winds became much stronger after that,” Studer said. “One of the neighbors, who 'heard the crack' called my wife to let us know a tree was down in our yard. “We luckily didn’t have that much damage, it looks worse than it is. The worst thing was losing the tree. We’ve talked to everyone up and down the street and everyone is OK, that’s the most important thing when things like this happens.” [Scott Anderson -] A telephone pole smashes onto a car in the Wendys parking lot in Princeton.[Scott Anderson -] A tree branch is stuck in the power lines at Rotary Park in La Salle.[Brian Hoxsey -] A semi tractor-trailer was downed by winds on the Interstate 39 off ramp in Oglesby.[Brian Hoxsey -] The front yard of Brian and Lorena Kelm's home at 551 Eighth St. in La Salle.[Brian Hoxsey -] North Columbia Avenue in Oglesby is covered in downed trees.[Brian Hoxsey -] A tree down at the intersection of U.S. 6 and Route 351 in La Salle.[Brian Hoxsey -] A tree fell on the home owned by Chuck Studer at 734 26th Street in Peru.[Brian Hoxsey -] A utility pole is snapped and laying on top of the roof of the Shell station in La Salle.[Brian Hoxsey -] A tree is downed at the home owned by Mark Ficek at 427 Columbus Ave. in Oglesby.[Brian Hoxsey -] A glimpse of tree damage in Memorial Park in Oglesby.AboutContactSubscribeSubscriber ServicesPrivacy PolicyToday's AdsPlace a Classified AdCareersCopyright © 2020 Bureau County Republican. All rights reserved. Published in Princeton, Illinois, USA, by Shaw Media. Facebook Twitter Comments Email Print More Google+ Reddit Pinterest Tumblr

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