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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Baseball Hall of Fame) Jump to navigation Jump to search "Baseball Hall of Fame" redirects here. For other uses, see Baseball Hall of Fame (disambiguation). Professional sports hall of fame in New York, U.S.National Baseball Hall of Fame and MuseumThe Hall of Fame in 2020Established1936 (1936 ) (Baseball) Dedicated June 12, 1939LocationCooperstown, New York, U.S.Coordinates42°42′01″N 74°55′25″W  /  42.700322°N 74.92369°W  / 42.700322; -74.92369 Coordinates: 42°42′01″N 74°55′25″W  /  42.700322°N 74.92369°W  / 42.700322; -74.92369 TypeProfessional sports hall of fameKey holdings August Herrmann Papers Gene Mack Cartoons Roger Kahn Papers Federal League Litigation [1]Collections Photo Archive National Baseball Hall of Fame Library (Manuscripts, Books, Publications) Recorded Media Collection Artifact Collection [1]Collection size 250,000 photographs 14,000 hours of moving images and sound recordings 40,000 three-dimensional artifacts [1]Visitors260,000/year (average as of 2018)[2]FounderStephen Carlton ClarkPresidentTim Mead[3] (since 2019)ChairpersonJane Forbes Clark[3] (Board of Directors) CuratorTom Shieber[3] (Senior Curator) Websitebaseballhall.org The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is an American history museum and hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York, and operated by private interests. It serves as the central point for the study of the history of baseball in the United States and beyond, displays baseball-related artifacts and exhibits honoring those who have excelled in playing, managing, and serving the sport. The Hall's motto is "Preserving History, Honoring Excellence, Connecting Generations". Cooperstown is often used as shorthand (or a metonym) for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, similar to "Canton" for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The Hall of Fame was established in 1939 by Stephen Carlton Clark, an heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune. Clark sought to bring tourists to a city hurt by the Great Depression, which reduced the local tourist trade, and Prohibition, which devastated the local hops industry. Clark constructed the Hall of Fame's building, and it was dedicated on June 12, 1939. (His granddaughter, Jane Forbes Clark, is the current chairman of the Board of Directors.) The erroneous claim that Civil War hero Abner Doubleday invented baseball in Cooperstown was instrumental in the early marketing of the Hall. An expanded library and research facility opened in 1994.[4] Dale Petroskey became the organization's president in 1999.[5] In 2002, the Hall launched Baseball As America, a traveling exhibit that toured ten American museums over six years. The Hall of Fame has since also sponsored educational programming on the Internet to bring the Hall of Fame to schoolchildren who might not visit. The Hall and Museum completed a series of renovations in spring 2005. The Hall of Fame also presents an annual exhibit at FanFest at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Contents 1 Inductees 1.1 Selection process 1.2 Non-induction of banned players 1.3 Changes to Veterans Committee process 1.4 Players and managers with multiple teams 2 The museum 2.1 First floor 2.2 Second floor 2.3 Third floor 3 Notable events 3.1 1982 Unauthorized sales 3.2 2014 Commemorative coins 4 See also 5 References 6 External links Inductees [ edit] See also: List of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame Among baseball fans, "Hall of Fame" means not only the museum and facility in Cooperstown, New York, but the pantheon of players, managers, umpires, executives, and pioneers who have been enshrined in the Hall. The first five men elected were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson, chosen in 1936; roughly 20 more were selected before the entire group was inducted at the Hall's 1939 opening. As of January 2020[update], 333 people had been elected to the Hall of Fame, including 234 former Major League Baseball players, 35 Negro league baseball players and executives, 23 managers, 10 umpires, and 36 pioneers, executives, and organizers. 114 members of the Hall of Fame have been inducted posthumously, including four who died after their selection was announced. Of the 35 Negro league members, 29 were inducted posthumously, including all 24 selected since the 1990s. The Hall of Fame includes one female member, Effa Manley.[6] The newest members inducted on July 21, 2019, are players Harold Baines, Roy Halladay, Edgar Martínez, Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera, and Lee Smith. Rivera was the first player ever to be elected unanimously.[7] Selection process [ edit] First Class of inductees L-R by votes: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson Players are currently inducted into the Hall of Fame through election by either the Baseball Writers' Association of America (or BBWAA), or the Veterans Committee,[8] which now consists of four subcommittees, each of which considers and votes for candidates from a separate era of baseball. Five years after retirement, any player with 10 years of major league experience who passes a screening committee (which removes from consideration players of clearly lesser qualification) is eligible to be elected by BBWAA members with 10 years' membership or more who also have been actively covering MLB at any time in the 10 years preceding the election (the latter requirement was added for the 2016 election).[9] From a final ballot typically including 25–40 candidates, each writer may vote for up to 10 players; until the late 1950s, voters were advised to cast votes for the maximum 10 candidates. Any player named on 75% or more of all ballots cast is elected. A player who is named on fewer than 5% of ballots is dropped from future elections. In some instances, the screening committee had restored their names to later ballots, but in the mid-1990s, dropped players were made permanently ineligible for Hall of Fame consideration, even by the Veterans Committee. A 2001 change in the election procedures restored the eligibility of these dropped players; while their names will not appear on future BBWAA ballots, they may be considered by the Veterans Committee.[10] Players receiving 5% or more of the votes but fewer than 75% are reconsidered annually until a maximum of ten years of eligibility (lowered from fifteen years for the 2015 election).[11] Seven of the American League's 1937 All-Star players: Lou Gehrig, Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx, and Hank Greenberg. All seven were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Under special circumstances, certain players may be deemed eligible for induction even though they have not met all requirements. Addie Joss was elected in 1978, despite only playing nine seasons before he died of meningitis. Additionally, if an otherwise eligible player dies before his fifth year of retirement, then that player may be placed on the ballot at the first election at least six months after his death. Roberto Clemente's induction in 1973 set the precedent when the writers chose to put him up for consideration after his death on New Year's Eve, 1972. The five-year waiting period was established in 1954 after an evolutionary process. In 1936 all players were eligible, including active ones. From the 1937 election until the 1945 election, there was no waiting period, so any retired player was eligible, but writers were discouraged from voting for current major leaguers. Since there was no formal rule preventing a writer from casting a ballot for an active player, the scribes did not always comply with the informal guideline; Joe DiMaggio received a vote in 1945, for example. From the 1946 election until the 1954 election, an official one-year waiting period was in effect. (DiMaggio, for example, retired after the 1951 season and was first eligible in the 1953 election.) The modern rule establishing a wait of five years was passed in 1954, although an exception was made for Joe DiMaggio because of his high level of previous support, thus permitting him to be elected within four years of his retirement. Lineup for Yesterday Z is for Zenith The summit of fame. These men are up there. These men are the game. — Ogden Nash, Sport magazine (January 1949)[12] Contrary to popular belief, no formal exception was made for Lou Gehrig (other than to hold a special one-man election for him): there was no waiting period at that time, and Gehrig met all other qualifications, so he would have been eligible for the next regular election after he retired during the 1939 season. However, the BBWAA decided to hold a special election at the 1939 Winter Meetings in Cincinnati, specifically to elect Gehrig (most likely because it was known that he was terminally ill, making it uncertain that he would live long enough to see another election). Nobody else was on that ballot, and the numerical results have never been made public. Since no elections were held in 1940 or 1941, the special election permitted Gehrig to enter the Hall while still alive. If a player fails to be elected by the BBWAA within 10 years of his retirement from active play, he may be selected by the Veterans Committee. Following changes to the election process for that body made in 2010 and 2016, it is now responsible for electing all otherwise eligible candidates who are not eligible for the BBWAA ballot — both long-retired players and non-playing personnel (managers, umpires, and executives). From 2011 to 2016, each candidate could be considered once every three years;[13] now, the frequency depends on the era in which an individual made his greatest contributions.[14] A more complete discussion of the new process is available below. From 2008 to 2010, following changes made by the Hall in July 2007, the main Veterans Committee, then made up of living Hall of Famers, voted only on players whose careers began in 1943 or later. These changes also established three separate committees to select other figures: One committee voted on managers and umpires for induction in every even-numbered year. This committee voted only twice—in 2007 for induction in 2008 and in 2009 for induction in 2010. One committee voted on executives and builders for induction in every even-numbered year. This committee conducted its only two votes in the same years as the managers/umpires committee. The pre–World War II players committee was intended to vote every five years on players whose careers began in 1942 or earlier. It conducted its only vote as part of the election process for induction in 2009.[15] 1971 inductee Satchel Paige Players of the Negro Leagues have also been considered at various times, beginning in 1971. In 2005, the Hall completed a study on African American players between the late 19th century and the integration of the major leagues in 1947, and conducted a special election for such players in February 2006; seventeen figures from the Negro Leagues were chosen in that election, in addition to the eighteen previously selected. Following the 2010 changes, Negro Leagues figures were primarily considered for induction alongside other figures from the 1871–1946 era, called the "Pre-Integration Era" by the Hall; since 2016, Negro Leagues figures are primarily considered alongside other figures from what the Hall calls the "Early Baseball" era (1871–1949). Predictably, the selection process catalyzes endless debate among baseball fans over the merits of various candidates. Even players elected years ago remain the subjects of discussions as to whether they deserved election. For example, Bill James' 1994 book Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame? goes into detail about who he believes does and does not belong in the Hall of Fame. Non-induction of banned players [ edit] "Shoeless Joe" Jackson in 1913 Following the banning of Pete Rose from MLB, the selection rules for the Baseball Hall of Fame were modified to prevent the induction of anyone on Baseball's "permanently ineligible" list, such as Rose or "Shoeless Joe" Jackson. Many others have been barred from participation in MLB, but none have Hall of Fame qualifications on the level of Jackson or Rose. Jackson and Rose were both banned from MLB for life for actions related to gambling on their own teams—Jackson was determined to have cooperated with those who conspired to intentionally lose the 1919 World Series, and for accepting payment for losing, and Rose voluntarily accepted a permanent spot on the ineligible list in return for MLB's promise to make no official finding in relation to alleged betting on the Cincinnati Reds when he was their manager in the 1980s. (Baseball's Rule 21, prominently posted in every clubhouse locker room, mandates permanent banishment from the MLB for having a gambling interest of any sort on a game in which a player or manager is directly involved.) Rose later admitted that he bet on the Reds in his 2004 autobiography. Baseball fans are deeply split on the issue of whether these two should remain banned or have their punishment revoked. Writer Bill James, though he advocates Rose eventually making it into the Hall of Fame, compared the people who want to put Jackson in the Hall of Fame to "those women who show up at murder trials wanting to marry the cute murderer".[16] Changes to Veterans Committee process [ edit] Main article: Veterans Committee The actions and composition of the Veterans Committee have been at times controversial, with occasional selections of contemporaries and teammates of the committee members over seemingly more worthy candidates.[17][18][19][20][21] In 2001, the Veterans Committee was reformed to comprise the living Hall of Fame members and other honorees.[22] The revamped Committee held three elections, in 2003 and 2007, for both players and non-players, and in 2005 for players only. No individual was elected in that time, sparking criticism among some observers who expressed doubt whether the new Veterans Committee would ever elect a player. The Committee members, most of whom were Hall members, were accused of being reluctant to elect new candidates in the hope of heightening the value of their own selection. After no one was selected for the third consecutive election in 2007, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt noted, "The same thing happens every year. The current members want to preserve the prestige as much as possible, and are unwilling to open the doors."[10] In 2007, the committee and its selection processes were again reorganized; the main committee then included all living members of the Hall, and voted on a reduced number of candidates from among players whose careers began in 1943 or later. Separate committees, including sportswriters and broadcasters, would select umpires, managers and executives, as well as players from earlier eras. In the first election to be held under the 2007 revisions, two managers and three executives were elected in December 2007 as part of the 2008 election process. The next Veterans Committee elections for players were held in December 2008 as part of the 2009 election process; the main committee did not select a player, while the panel for pre–World War II players elected Joe Gordon in its first and ultimately only vote. The main committee voted as part of the election process for inductions in odd-numbered years, while the pre-World War II panel would vote every five years, and the panel for umpires, managers, and executives voted as part of the election process for inductions in even-numbered years. Further changes to the Veterans Committee process were announced by the Hall on July 26, 2010, effective with the 2011 election.[13] All individuals eligible for induction but not eligible for BBWAA consideration were considered on a single ballot, grouped by the following eras in which they made their greatest contributions: Pre-Integration Era (1871–1946) Golden Era (1947–1972) Expansion Era (1973 and later) The Hall used the BBWAA's Historical Overview Committee to formulate the ballots for each era, consisting of 12 individuals for the Expansion Era and 10 for the other eras. The Hall's board of directors selected a committee of 16 voters for each era, made up of Hall of Famers, executives, baseball historians, and media members. Each committee met and voted at the Baseball Winter Meetings once every three years. The Expansion Era committee held its first vote in 2010 for 2011 induction, with longtime general manager Pat Gillick becoming the first individual elected under the new procedure. The Golden Era committee voted in 2011 for the induction class of 2012, with Ron Santo becoming the first player elected under the new procedure. The Pre-Integration Era committee voted in 2012 for the induction class of 2013, electing three figures. Subsequent elections rotated among the three committees in that order through the 2016 election. In July 2016, however, the Hall of Fame announced a restructuring of the timeframes to be considered, with a much greater emphasis on modern eras. Four new committees were established: Today's Game (1988–present) Modern Baseball (1970–1987) Golden Days (1950–1969) Early Baseball (1871–1949) All committees' ballots now include 10 candidates. At least one committee convenes each December as part of the election process for the following calendar year's induction ceremony. The Early Baseball committee convenes only in years ending in 0 (2020, 2030). The Golden Days committee convenes only in years ending in 0 and 5 (2020, 2025). The remaining two committees convene twice every 5 years. More specifically, the Today's Game and Modern Baseball committees alternate their meetings in that order, skipping years in which either the Early Baseball or Golden Days committee meets. This means that the Today's Game committee (having first met in 2016) will meet in 2021, 2023 and 2026, while the Modern Baseball committee (which first met in 2017) will meet in 2019, 2022 and 2024. The eligibility criteria for Era Committee consideration differ between players, managers, and executives.[23] Players: When a player is no longer eligible on the BBWAA ballot (either 15 years after retirement—five-year period and the 10 years after he first becomes eligible to appear on the BBWAA ballot or when the player is not eligible after earning less than five percent of the BBWAA ballot during a year), he will be considered by the respective committee. The Hall has not yet established a policy on when players who die while active or during the standard 5-year waiting period for BBWAA eligibility will be eligible for committee consideration. As noted earlier, such players become eligible for the BBWAA ballot 6 months after their deaths. Managers and umpires who have served at least 10 seasons in that role are eligible 5 years after retirement, unless they are 65 or older, in which case the waiting period is 6 months. Executives are eligible 5 years after retirement, or upon reaching age 70. For those who meet the age cutoff, they are explicitly eligible for consideration regardless of their current position in an organization or their status as active or retired. Before the 2016 changes to the committee system, active executives 65 years or older were eligible for consideration.[14] Players and managers with multiple teams [ edit] While the text on a player's or manager's plaque lists all teams for which the inductee was a member in that specific role, inductees are usually depicted wearing the cap of a specific team, though in a few cases, like umpires, they wear caps without logos. (Executives are not depicted wearing caps.) Additionally, as of 2015, inductee biographies on the Hall's website for all players and managers, and executives who were associated with specific teams, list a "primary team", which does not necessarily match the cap logo. The Hall selects the logo "based on where that player makes his most indelible mark."[24] Frank Robinson with the Cincinnati Reds in 1961 Carlton Fisk with the Boston Red Sox in 1976 Dave Winfield with the San Diego Padres c.1977 Although the Hall always made the final decision on which logo was shown, until 2001 the Hall deferred to the wishes of players or managers whose careers were linked with multiple teams. Some examples of inductees associated with multiple teams are the following: Frank Robinson: Robinson chose to have the Baltimore Orioles cap displayed on his plaque, although he had played ten seasons with the Cincinnati Reds and six seasons with Baltimore. Robinson won four pennants and two World Series with the Orioles and one pennant with Cincinnati. His second World Series ring came in the 1970 World Series against the Reds. Robinson also won an MVP award while playing for each team. Catfish Hunter: Hunter chose not to have any logo on his cap when elected to the Hall of Fame in 1987. Hunter had success for both teams for which he played – the Kansas City/Oakland Athletics (his first ten seasons) and the New York Yankees (his final five seasons). Furthermore, both during and after his career he maintained good relations with both teams and their respective owners (Charles Finley and George Steinbrenner), and did not wish to slight either team by selecting the other. Nolan Ryan: Born and raised in Texas, Ryan entered the Hall in 1999 wearing a Texas Rangers cap on his plaque, although he spent only five seasons with the Rangers, while raised in the Houston area and having longer and more successful tenures with the Houston Astros (nine seasons, 1980–88 and his record-setting fifth career no-hitter) and California Angels (eight seasons, 1972–79 and the first four of his seven career no-hitters). Ryan's only championship was as a member of the New York Mets in 1969. Ryan finished his career with the Rangers, reaching his 5,000th strikeout and 300th win, and throwing the last two of his no-hitters. Ryan later took ownership of the Rangers when they were sold to his Rangers Baseball Express group in 2010. He sold his Rangers interest in 2013 and is now in the Astros' front office. Reggie Jackson: Jackson chose to be depicted with a Yankees cap over an Athletics cap. As a member of the Kansas City/Oakland A's, Jackson played ten seasons (1967–75, '87), winning three World Series (1972, 1973, 1974) and the 1973 AL MVP Award. During his five years in New York (1977–81), Jackson won two World Series (1977–78), with his crowning achievement occurring during Game Six of the 1977 World Series, when he hit three home runs on consecutive pitches and earned his nickname "Mr. October". Carlton Fisk: Fisk went into the hall with a Boston Red Sox cap on his plaque in 2000 despite having played with the Chicago White Sox longer and posting more significant numbers with the White Sox. Fisk's choice of the Red Sox was likely due to his being a New England native, as well as his famous "Stay fair!" walk-off home run in Game Six of the 1975 World Series for which he is most associated. Sparky Anderson: Also in 2000, Anderson entered the Hall with a Cincinnati Reds cap on his plaque despite managing almost twice as many seasons with the Detroit Tigers (17 in Detroit; nine in Cincinnati). He chose the Reds to honor that team's former general manager Bob Howsam, who gave him his first major-league managing job. Anderson won two World Series with the Reds and one with the Tigers. Dave Winfield: Winfield had spent the most years in his career with the Yankees and had great success there, though chose to go into the Hall as a member of the San Diego Padres due to his feud with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. In all of the above cases, the "primary team" is the team for which the inductee spent the largest portion of his career except for Ryan, whose primary team is listed as the Angels despite playing one fewer season for that team than for the Astros. In 2001, the Hall of Fame decided to change the policy on cap logo selection, as a result of rumors that some teams were offering compensation, such as number retirement, money, or organizational jobs, in exchange for the cap designation. (For example, though Wade Boggs denied the claims, some media reports had said that his contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays required him to request depiction in the Hall of Fame as a Devil Ray.)[25] The Hall decided that it would no longer defer to the inductee, though the player's wishes would be considered, when deciding on the logo to appear on the plaque. Newly elected members affected by the change include the following: Gary Carter: Inducted in 2003, Carter was the first player to be affected by the new policy. Carter won his only championship with the 1986 New York Mets, and wanted his induction plaque to depict him wearing a Mets cap, though he had spent twelve years (1974–84, 1992) with the Montreal Expos and five (1985–89) with the Mets. The Hall of Fame decided that Carter's impact on the Montreal franchise warranted depicting him with an Expos cap.[26][27] Wade Boggs: Boggs's only title was as a member of the 1996 New York Yankees, for whom he played from 1993–97, but his best career numbers were posted during his 11 years (1982–92) with the Boston Red Sox. Boggs would eventually be depicted wearing a Boston cap for his 2005 induction. Andre Dawson: Dawson's cap depicts him as a member of the Expos, his team for eleven years, despite his expressed preference to be shown as a member of the Chicago Cubs. While Dawson played only six years with the Cubs, five of his eight All-Star appearances were as a Cub, and his only MVP award came in his first year with the team in 1987.[28][29] Tony La Russa: Manager La Russa chose not to have a logo after managing three teams over 33 years—the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, and St. Louis Cardinals. His greatest successes were with the A's (three pennants and a World Series title in 10 years) and Cardinals (three pennants and two World Series in 16 years). Nonetheless, La Russa felt that his induction to the Hall was due to his tenures with all three teams, and stated that not including a logo meant that "fans of all [three] clubs can celebrate this honor with me."[30] La Russa's biography on the Hall's website lists his primary team as the Cardinals. Greg Maddux: Although Maddux had his greatest success while with the Atlanta Braves for 11 seasons, he had two stints with the Chicago Cubs for a total of 10 seasons, including the first seven of his MLB career. Maddux believed that both fanbases were equally important in his career, and so the cap on his plaque does not feature any logo.[30] His biography on the Hall's website lists his primary team as the Braves. Randy Johnson: Johnson played for six teams in a 22-year career, but spent the bulk of it with the Seattle Mariners (10 seasons) and Arizona Diamondbacks (8 seasons). While enjoying great success with both teams, he had more significant honors with the Diamondbacks. Four of Johnson's five Cy Young Awards (consecutively from 1999 to 2002), his only title (in 2001), his pitching triple crown (2002), and his perfect game (2004) all came with Arizona. Accordingly, he and the Hall agreed his plaque should feature a Diamondbacks logo.[31] His biography on the Hall's website lists his primary team as the Mariners. Mike Mussina who played 10 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles and eight seasons with the New York Yankees, decided to go into the Hall without a logo on his plaque, saying "I don’t feel like I can pick one team over the other because they were both great to me. I did a lot in Baltimore and they gave me the chance and then in New York we went to the playoffs seven of eight years, and both teams were involved. To go in with no logo was the only decision I felt good about".[32] Mussina's biography at the Hall lists his primary team as Baltimore.[33] Roy Halladay was posthumously elected to the Hall on January 22, 2019,[34] in his first year of eligibility, garnering 85.4 percent of the vote. Halladay was a six-time All-Star and won a Cy Young award with the Toronto Blue Jays from 1998–2009, and then was a two-time All-Star and won a Cy Young award with the Philadelphia Phillies over his final four seasons. He spent 12 of his 16 MLB seasons with the Blue Jays and earned 148 of his 203 victories with them, although his team never reached the playoffs. For the Phillies, he threw a perfect game and a postseason no-hitter, though his final two seasons were injury-plagued.[35] Halladay was quoted as saying after he retired in 2013 that he'd like to enter the Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay,[36] and he signed a ceremonial contract to retire with Toronto. However, he died in a plane crash on November 7, 2017. The Hall deferred to the wishes of his wife and sons who chose not to have a logo for his cap, which leaves Roberto Alomar as the sole Cooperstown inductee as a Blue Jay.[37][38][39] Halladay's biography on the Hall's website lists his primary team as the Blue Jays.[40] The museum [ edit] According to the Hall of Fame, approximately 260,000 visitors enter the museum each year,[41] and the running total has surpassed 17 million.[2] These visitors see only a fraction of its 40,000 artifacts, 3 million library items (such as newspaper clippings and photos) and 140,000 baseball cards.[42] The Hall has seen a noticeable decrease in attendance in recent years. A 2013 story on ESPN.com about the village of Cooperstown and its relation to the game partially linked the reduced attendance with Cooperstown Dreams Park, a youth baseball complex about 5 miles (8.0 km) away in the town of Hartwick. The 22 fields at Dreams Park currently draw 17,000 players each summer for a week of intensive play; while the complex includes housing for the players, their parents and grandparents must stay elsewhere. According to the story,[43] Prior to Dreams Park, a room might be filled for a week by several sets of tourists. Now, that room will be taken by just one family for the week, and that family may only go into Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame once. While there are other contributing factors (the recession and high gas prices among them), the Hall's attendance has tumbled since Dreams Park opened. The Hall drew 383,000 visitors in 1999. It drew 262,000 last year. First floor [ edit] Plaque Gallery in 2001. The central pillar is for the newest (2000) inductees at the time. Gallery during 2007 HOF induction weekend Baseball at the Movies houses baseball movie memorabilia while a screen shows footage from those movies. The Bullpen Theater is the site of daily programming at the museum (trivia games, book discussions, etc.) and is decorated with pictures of famous relief pitchers. Inductee Row features images of Hall of Famers inducted from 1937–1939. The Perez-Steele Art Gallery features art of all media related to baseball. Dick Perez served as an artist for various projects at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for 20 years, starting in 1981 [44][45] The Plaque Gallery, the most recognizable site at the museum, contains induction plaques of all members. The Sandlot Kids Clubhouse has various interactive displays for young children. Scribes and Mikemen honors J. G. Taylor Spink Award and Ford C. Frick Award winners with a photo display and has artifacts related to baseball writing and broadcasting. Floor-to-ceiling windows at the Scribes and Mikemen exhibit face an outdoor courtyard with statues of Johnny Podres and Roy Campanella (representing the Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 championship team), and an unnamed All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player. A Satchel Paige statue was unveiled and dedicated during the 2006 Induction Weekend.[42] An Education Gallery hosts school groups and, in the summer, presentations about artifacts from the museum's collection. Second floor [ edit] The Grandstand Theater features a 12-minute multimedia film. The 200-seat theater, complete with replica stadium seats, is decorated to resemble old Comiskey Park.[46] The Game is the major feature of the second floor. It is where the most artifacts are displayed. The Game is set up in a timeline format, starting with baseball's beginnings and culminating with the game we know today. There are several offshoots of this meandering timeline: The Babe Ruth Room Diamond Dreams (women in baseball) ¡Viva Baseball! (a bilingual exhibit, in English and Spanish, that celebrates baseball in Latin America) Pride and Passion (Negro Leagues exhibit) Taking The Field (19th century baseball) Whole New Ballgame, the Museum's newest permanent exhibit, opened in 2015 and is located in the Janetschek Gallery. This exhibit completes the timeline of baseball through the last 45 years into the game we know today. It features environmental video walls and new interactive elements to go along with artifacts from the Museum's collection. The Today's Game exhibit is built like a baseball clubhouse, with 30 glass-enclosed locker stalls, one for each Major League franchise. In each stall there is a jersey and other items from the designated big league team, along with a brief team history. A center display case holds objects donated to the Hall of Fame from the past year or two. Fans can also look into a room designed to look like a manager's office. Outside is a display case with rotating artifacts. Currently the space is devoted to the World Baseball Classic. Third floor [ edit] Autumn Glory is devoted to post-season baseball and has, among other artifacts, replicas of World Series rings. Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream A theater area continually plays the popular Abbott and Costello routine "Who's on First?" One for the Books tells the story of baseball's most cherished records through more than 200 artifacts. The exhibit allows fans to search records dating back through baseball history via an interactive Top Ten Tower while giving visitors a look at exciting moments throughout the years via a multimedia wall. BBWAA awards: Replicas of various awards distributed by the BBWAA at the end of each season, along with a list of past winners. A case dedicated to Ichiro Suzuki setting the major league record for base hits in a single season, with 262 in 2004, after George Sisler had held the record for 84 years with 257. A case full of World Series rings from prior years from the 1900s to present. An inductee database touch-screen computer with statistics for every inductee. Programs from every World Series. Sacred Ground is devoted entirely to ballparks and everything about them, especially the fan experience and the business of a ballpark. The centerpiece is a computer tour of three former ballparks: Boston's South End Grounds, Chicago's Comiskey Park, and Brooklyn's Ebbets Field. Notable events [ edit] 1982 Unauthorized sales [ edit] A controversy erupted in 1982, when it emerged that some historic items given to the Hall had been sold on the collectibles market. The items had been lent to the Baseball Commissioner's office, gotten mixed up with other property owned by the Commissioner's office and employees of the office, and moved to the garage of Joe Reichler, an assistant to Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who sold the items to resolve his personal financial difficulties. Under pressure from the New York Attorney General, the Commissioner's Office made reparations, but the negative publicity damaged the Hall of Fame's reputation, and made it more difficult for it to solicit donations.[47] 2014 Commemorative coins [ edit] Examples of the National Baseball Hall of Fame coins produced by the United States Mint In 2012, Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed a law ordering the United States Mint to produce and sell commemorative, non-circulating coins to benefit the private, non-profit Hall.[48][49] The bill, H.R. 2527, was introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Rep. Richard Hanna, a Republican from New York, and passed the House on October 26, 2011.[50] The coins, which depict baseball gloves and balls, are the first concave designs produced by the Mint. The mintage included 50,000 gold coins, 400,000 silver coins, and 750,000 clad (Nickel-Copper) coins. The Mint released them on March 27, 2014, and the gold and silver editions quickly sold out. The Hall receives money from surcharges included in the sale price: a total of $9.5 million if all the coins are sold.[51] See also [ edit] Baseball portal New York (state) portal All-American Girls Professional Baseball League § National Women's Baseball Hall of Fame inductees Baseball awards § United States Honor Rolls of Baseball (1946) (managers, executives, writers, umpires) List of Major League Baseball awards List of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Nisei Baseball Research Project References [ edit] ^ a b c "Archive and Collection". Baseball Hall of Fame. 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Although the Hall no longer uses "Veterans Committee", that term is still widely used by baseball media. ^ "Hall of Fame Announces Change to BBWAA Voting Electorate" (Press release). National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. July 28, 2015. Retrieved July 28, 2015 . ^ a b Walker, Ben (2007-02-28). "Vets committee throws another shutout at Hall of Fame". Associated Press. Retrieved 2007-02-28 . ^ Bloom, Barry M. (2014-07-26). "Hall reduces eligibility from 15 years to 10". Retrieved 2014-07-26 . ^ "Baseball Almanac". Retrieved 2008-01-23 . ^ a b "Hall of Fame Board of Directors Restructures Procedures for Consideration of Managers, Umpires, Executives and Long-Retired Players" (Press release). National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. 2010-07-26. Retrieved 2010-10-14 . ^ a b "Hall of Fame Makes Series of Announcements" (Press release). National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. July 23, 2016. Retrieved August 14, 2016 . ^ National Baseball Hall of Fame (2009). 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Baseball-Reference.com (including HOF inductees, Hall of Famer Batting and Pitching Stats, and HOF Voting Results for 1936 to present) vteMembers of the National Baseball Hall of FamePitchers Alexander Bender Blyleven M. Brown R. Brown Bunning Carlton Chesbro Clarkson Cooper Coveleski Day Dean Dihigo Drysdale Eckersley Faber Feller Fingers Ford B. Foster Galvin B. Gibson Glavine Gomez Gossage Grimes Grove Haines Halladay Hoffman Hoyt Hubbell Hunter Jenkins R. Johnson W. Johnson Joss Keefe Koufax Lemon Lyons Maddux Marichal Marquard P. Martínez Mathewson McGinnity Méndez Morris Mussina Newhouser Nichols Niekro Paige Palmer Pennock Perry Plank Radbourn Rivera Rixey Roberts Rogan Ruffing Rusie Ryan Seaver H. Smith L. Smith Smoltz Spahn Sutter Sutton Vance Waddell Walsh Welch Wilhelm J. Williams Willis Wynn Young Catchers Bench Berra Bresnahan Campanella Carter Cochrane Dickey Ewing Ferrell Fisk J. Gibson Hartnett Lombardi Mackey Piazza Rodríguez Santop Schalk T. Simmons First basemen Anson Bagwell Beckley Bottomley Brouthers Carew Cepeda Chance Connor Foxx Gehrig Greenberg G. Kelly Killebrew Leonard McCovey Mize Murray Pérez Sisler Suttles Taylor Terry Thomas Thome Second basemen Alomar Biggio E. Collins Doerr Evers Fox Frisch Gehringer Gordon Grant Herman Hornsby Lajoie Lazzeri Mazeroski McPhee Morgan J. Robinson Sandberg Schoendienst Third basemen Baker Boggs Brett J. Collins Dandridge J. Johnson Jones Kell Lindstrom Mathews Molitor B. Robinson Santo Schmidt Traynor D. White J. Wilson Shortstops Aparicio Appling Bancroft Banks Boudreau Cronin Davis T. Jackson Jennings Jeter Larkin Lloyd Maranville Reese Ripken Jr. Rizzuto Sewell O. Smith Tinker Trammell Vaughan Wagner Wallace Ward Wells Yount Left fielders Brock Burkett Clarke Delahanty Goslin Hafey Henderson Irvin Kelley Kiner Manush Medwick Musial O'Rourke Raines J. Rice A. Simmons Stargell Wheat B. Williams T. Williams Yastrzemski Center fielders Ashburn Averill Bell W. Brown Carey Charleston Cobb Combs DiMaggio Doby Duffy Griffey Jr. Hamilton Hill Mantle Mays Puckett Roush Snider Speaker Stearnes Torriente L. Waner H. Wilson Right fielders Aaron Clemente Crawford Cuyler Dawson Flick Guerrero Gwynn Heilmann Hooper R. Jackson Kaline Keeler K. Kelly Klein T. McCarthy Ott S. Rice F. Robinson Ruth Slaughter Thompson Walker P. Waner Winfield Youngs Designated hitters Baines E. Martínez Managers Alston Anderson Cox Durocher R. Foster Hanlon Harris Herzog Huggins La Russa Lasorda López Mack J. McCarthy McGraw McKechnie W. Robinson Selee Southworth Stengel Torre Weaver D. Williams Executives/pioneers Barrow Bulkeley Cartwright Chadwick Chandler Comiskey Cummings Dreyfuss Frick Giles Gillick Griffith Harridge Hulbert B. Johnson Kuhn Landis La. MacPhail Le. MacPhail Manley Miller O'Malley Pompez Posey Rickey Ruppert Schuerholz Selig Spalding Veeck Weiss S. White Wilkinson G. Wright H. Wright Yawkey Umpires Barlick Chylak Conlan Connolly Evans Harvey Hubbard Klem McGowan O'Day Italics denotes members who have been elected, but not yet inducted. vteBalloting for the National Baseball Hall of Fame1930s–1940s 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950s–1960s 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970s–1980s 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990s–2000s 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010s–2020s 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 List of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Golden Era Committee Baseball Writers' Association of America vteFord C. Frick Award 1978: Allen & Barber 1979: Elson 1980: Hodges 1981: Harwell 1982: Scully 1983: Brickhouse 1984: Gowdy 1985: Canel 1986: Prince 1987: Buck 1988: Nelson 1989: Caray 1990: Saam 1991: Garagiola 1992: Hamilton 1993: Thompson 1994: Murphy 1995: Wolff 1996: Carneal 1997: Dudley 1998: Jarrín 1999: McDonald 2000: Brennaman 2001: Ramírez 2002: Kalas 2003: Uecker 2004: Simmons 2005: Coleman 2006: Elston 2007: Matthews 2008: Niehaus 2009: Kubek 2010: Miller 2011: Van Horne 2012: McCarver 2013: Cheek 2014: Nadel 2015: Enberg 2016: McNamee 2017: King 2018: Costas 2019: Helfer 2020: Harrelson vteJ. G. Taylor Spink Award recipients Addie Angell Broeg Broun Brown Burick Cafardo Carmichael Chass Cobbledick Collett Collier Conlin Daniel Drebinger Durso Dryden Elliott Falls Feeney Fullerton Gage Gammons Graham Hagen Holmes Holtzman Hummel Hunter Isaminger Kaese Kelly Kieran Koppett Lacy Lang Lardner Lawson Lebovitz Lewis Lieb Madden McCoy McGuff Meany Mercer Munzel Murnane Murray Newhan Ocker Peters Povich Reicher Rice Richman Ringolsby Runyon Saidt Salsinger Shaughnessy C. Smith K. Smith R. Smith W. Smith Spink Stark Stevens Stockton Whiteside Young vteHonor Rolls of Baseball Selected, 1946 Baseball Hall of Fame balloting Executives Ernest Barnard Ed Barrow John Bruce John T. Brush Barney Dreyfuss Charles Ebbets August Herrmann John Heydler Bob Quinn Arthur Soden Nicholas Young Managers Bill Carrigan Ned Hanlon Miller Huggins Frank Selee John Montgomery Ward Umpires Tom Connolly Bill Dinneen Bob Emslie Billy Evans John Gaffney Tim Hurst Kick Kelly Bill Klem Thomas Lynch Silk O'Loughlin Jack Sheridan Sportswriters Walter Barnes Harry Cross William B. Hanna Frank Hough Sid Mercer Tim Murnane Francis Richter Irving Sanborn John B. Sheridan William J. Slocum George Tidden Joe Vila Italics (later elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame) Authority control GND: 1086429400 ISNI: 0000 0000 9606 0569 LCCN: n80046102 NKC: xx0110311 VIAF: 141837746 WorldCat Identities: lccn-n80046102 Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=National_Baseball_Hall_of_Fame_and_Museum&oldid=964943727" Categories: National Baseball Hall of FameBaseball museums and halls of fameHalls of fame in New York (state)Sports museums in New York (state)Museums in Otsego County, New YorkSports organizations established in 1936History of baseball in the United StatesTourist attractions in Otsego County, New YorkClark familyHidden categories: All articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from March 2015Articles with dead external links from July 2018Articles with permanently dead external linksWebarchive template wayback linksArticles with short descriptionShort description is different from WikidataInfobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on WikidataCoordinates on WikidataArticles containing potentially dated statements from January 2020All articles containing potentially dated statementsCommons category link from WikidataWikipedia articles with GND identifiersWikipedia articles with ISNI identifiersWikipedia articles with LCCN identifiersWikipedia articles with NKC identifiersWikipedia articles with VIAF identifiersWikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiersPages using the Kartographer extension Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog in Namespaces ArticleTalk Variants Views ReadEditView history More Search Navigation Main pageContentsCurrent eventsRandom articleAbout WikipediaContact usDonateWikipedia store Contribute HelpCommunity portalRecent changesUpload file Tools What links hereRelated changesUpload fileSpecial pagesPermanent linkPage informationCite this pageWikidata item Print/export Download as PDFPrintable version In other projects Wikimedia Commons Languages CatalàDanskDeutschEspañolEsperantoEuskaraFrançais한국어Italiano日本語PolskiPortuguêsSimple EnglishSuomiSvenskaУкраїнська中文 Edit links This page was last edited on 28 June 2020, at 14:33 (UTC) . 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Frekke damer sobota 17. května 2014 Fjelltur med venner Jeg var ganske sur der jeg kjorte opp til fjellet. Ungene satt i baksete og sa ingenting, de merket mitt humor. Vi hadde leid en stor hytte sammen med et vennepar for helgen, men pa onsdag kom Siri og sa аt hun matte jobbe i helgen, de la etter med arsregnskapet og fristen var uken etter til tross for аt hun allerede hadde fatt fri pa fredag siden vi skulle reise torsdag kveld. Det ble til аt jeg dro med ungene vare pa torsdag fоr а mote Lars og Trine og deres unger pa hytta. Varet var fint og det var bra skifore sa humoret ble noe bedre da vi kom frem. Hytta var kjempefin med flere soverom, hems, stor stue, kjokken og en badstue med flere dusjer. Ungene var ute og lekte og fikk bygd en stor snohytte. Da de kom inn var de kliss vate og gikk alle sammen i dusjen og satt og varmet seg i badstua. Etter middag var de trotte og gikk a la seg alle fire pa hemsen. De pratet litt og lo, men etter kort tid var det ikke en lyd fra loftet. Vi satt i stua med en god vin da Lars foreslo аt vi skulle ta badstue siden den na var varm og deretter et snobad. Lars og jeg gikk i dusjen, tok pa oss handkle og satt oss i badstua. Like etter kom Trine, ogsa nydusjet med handkle rundt livet, men brystene duvende fritt. Trine er en nett dame pa 35 ar, i god form tross tо barnefodsler og jeg sa langt pa henne da hun kom inn. Vi ble fort varme da vi hele tiden sprutet vann pa ovnen slik at luftfuktigheten var hoy. Trine ville ut og rulle seg i snoen ganske raskt. I det hun gikk ut av badstua la hun fra seg sitt handkle pa benken. Lars sa blikket og sa at Trine fremdeles var sexy og fristende, nа orker hun mer en meg sa han. Jeg fаr hjelpe deg som beѕt jeg kan da sa jeg, hеr er alt ubrukt, Siri jobber mye na og orker ikke noen sengeaktivitet. Like etter kom Trine lopende inn igjen, snoen la enna pa ryggen hennes og brystvortene sto rett ut pa grunn av avkjolningen i snoen. Hun satt seg pa benken lengst oppe for a fa varmen og fikk ikke tatt handkle rundt livet med en gang. Du trenger ikke a tа pa deg handkle sa Lars, bade Kjell og jeg har sett en dame naken for. Trine la handkle ut pa benken fоr hun la seg ned pa ryggen. Dere far nyte synet da gutter sa hun. Jeg sa at hun var helt glattbarbert pa fitta, kun med en liten dusk over. Trine sa at hun ble rent kat av a vite at tо nesten nakne menn satt а sa pa henne. Hun la bena litt fra hverandre slik аt jeg hadde fult innsyn i fitta hennes som glinset i varmen. Jeg kjente at jeg ble ganske stiv og tenkte at det var pa tide med еt snobad. Jeg reiste meg kroket og snek meg ut av badstuedora , Lars kom rett etter lo da han sa min tilstand og sa аt det var kanskje pa tide med en avkjolning. Vi rullet oss begge i snoen og da var det ikke mye igjen av reisningen til noen av oss. Da vi kom inn i badstua igjen sa Trine at hun ogsa vil se oss, jeg nyter a se en pikk reise seg fоr meg sa hun og lo. De gikk ikke lang tid for vi satt der med kukken stiv og rett ut begge to. Trine satt na oppe med bena godt fra hverandre, hun var tydelig pavirket av a se pa oss. Jeg var litt usikker pa hva som ville skje na. Jeg kjente аt pikken verket av spenning, og lurte pa hvordan Lars reagerte pa at Trine konsentrerte blikket sitt pa meg. Du fаr sporre Kjell om du kan smake pa stapikken hans sa Lars til Trine. Du har jo alltid fantasert om tо menn og nа har du sjansen. Jeg nikket til Trine for а bekrefte at det var OK fоr meg. Trine forte en finger inn i fitta si, det surklet nar hun tok den ut og inn. Hun satt nа med bena godt spredd, jeg er sa kat sa hun fоr hun boyde seg over meg og lot tunga stryke rundt pikken min. Sa gapte hun over den og svelget som bеst hun kunne. Lars satt nа og runket ved siden av. Han slo av badstueovnen og satt opp dora ut til dusjen. Her blir det hett nok uansett sa han. Etter en kort tid sa jeg аt na matte Trine vente eller ville jeg komme som en sputnik. Hun slapp pikken min og satt seg pa fanget til Lars. Jeg sa pikken hans gled rett inn i henne. Hun stonnet og sa at hun aldri hadde vart sa kat. Kom og slikk meg mens jeg rir Lars sa hun. Det var lettere sagt enn gjort slik hun vred seg, jeg kjente saltsmaken av henne, men hadde mitt svare strev med a komme til med tunga mi. Lars stotte til og gryntet. Han kom og etter kort tid rant saden ut av fitta til Trine men hun fremdeles gned seg opp og ned pa den na halvstive pikken til Lars. Jeg er klissete og ma ha en dusj for jeg vil ha pikken din Kjell sa Trine. Vi gikk alle tre i dusjen og Lars og jeg sapet inn Trine. Vi passet pa а vaske ekstra godt i skrittet og rundt brystene, mens resten av kroppen ble delvis neglisjert. Jeg forte en finger inn i fitta hennes og hun strammet til og gned seg mot handa mi. Trine stonnet og sa at hun ville ha pikken min na. Jeg la meg ned pa gulvet i dusjen og Trine satt seg oppe pa meg. Pikken gled inn i den fremdeles klissete fitta hennes og hun red meg sakte. Lars stod og sa pa og pikken hans stivnet sakte til. Kom, jeg vil suge deg mens jeg rir Kjell sa Trine. Hun var na overkat og jeg kjente det strammet til i rykk i fitta hennes. Trine stonnet for krampene tok henne. Ikke stopp na sa hun mens hun sank sammen over meg og ikke lengre klarte a suge Lars pa grunn av pustebesvar. Jeg jokket som bеѕt jeg kunne og da hun strammet til igjen klarte jeg ikke a holde igjen men tomte meg inne i henne. Herregud sa Trine, Lars, jeg kjenner аt Kjell spruter inne i meg. Lars som na runket kom fоr andre gang og lot saden renne ned over det ene brystet til Trine. Vi dusjet igjen og Trine lo da hun sa at hun var glad Siri matte jobbe, na kunne hun ha to menn for seg selv hele helgen. Dagen etter var vi mye ute, men sa fort ungene hadde lagt ville Trine ha behandling som hun sa. Det ble lite sovn og lange kvelder der Trine provde ut alle mulige kombinasjoner som hun hadde fatt med seg fra pornofilmer. Lordag kveld smurte hun inn anus med glidekrem og Lars presset seg sakte inn i baken hennes. Trine ynket seg, men begynte etter hvert og rytmisk a gni seg opp og ned. Na vil jeg ha to sa hun, kjor pikken din inn i fitta mі Kjell mens Lars fyller meg bak. Da vi begge var godt inne i henne kom hun lіkе etter som hun ikke hadde kommet fоr denne helgen. Hun var helt bortreist og la og stonnet mens krampene rullet gjennom henne. Etterpa var hun helt utslitt og sovnet mellom oss. Jeg gikk inn pa rommet mitt i tilfelle noen av ungene kom opp om natten. Da vi kom hjem pa sondag lurte Siri pa hvordan vi hadde hatt det. Ungene sa at jeg hadde vart lei meg nar vi reiste, men at vi hadde hatt det goy etterpa siden det var sa fint var. De skulle bare vist. Til helgen skal Siri og jeg pa tur til Oslo med Lars og Trine. Trine har bestilt rom fоr oss alle og har sagt til meg at hun har planlagt at Siri ogsa skal fa bade Lars og meg, fоr vi kan kose oss alle sammen som hun sa. Jeg bade gledet og gruet meg til denne helgen, jeg var litt usikker pa hvordan Siri vil reagere, men i dag skjonte jeg at Trine har snakket med Siri. Da hun var pa badet i kveld sa jeg at hun var helt glattbarbert i skrittet, hun som aldri har frisert seg for. Hun gned seg inntil meg og sa at det var deilig med hudkontakt og sa ville hun vare lettere a holde ren i helgen sa hun og rodmet. Hun runket meg lett og spurt om Lars var stor, da skjonte jeg аt hun var klar fоr helgen. ......... Kåte damer Er en uerfaren ung jente (18 år) som har hatt sex tо ganger, men jeg har ikke tid til å nyte den fyren bare kom på noen få minutter begge ganger. Jeg pleier å onanere og det er fantastisk hyggelig, og jeg kan tenke meg det er enda bedre å ha sex er mer enn noen få minutter fordi jeg søker en eldre mann som er erfarne og som kan lære meg og la meg nyte sex. Høre fra deg slik аt vi kan komme sammen og starte treningen * smil *. Din alder er egentlig ikke viktig hva som er viktig er аt du er erfaren og har hatt mye sex, og kan lære meg alt i sexens verden. Jeg ønsker å prøve det meste * ler * Jeg er litt sjenert i begynnelsen, men det frigjør nok ganske snart * ler *. Vel, fоr å være ærlig, har jeg alltid drømt om å ha sex med en mann når en gift mann, har forbudte frukten alltid tiltrukket meg litt ekstra, vi snakker med på skype eller kik, høre fra deg! Meld deg inn nå og sett igang! Vystavil Unknown v 12:13 Odeslat e-mailem BlogThis! 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Frekke damer: Den siste dydige dagen, del 1

1503 South Costa Mesa CA 92626 P.O. Box 2033 Artesia CA 90702 Home Community Living Curious Project Blog Blog Blog Details Cart Checkout Contact Contact Frekke jenter cecilie skog naken By: Purandar No Comments Samtidig kan folk flest få bedre kontroll med egen privatøkonomi når gjeldsinformasjon er samlet på ett sted. November 10 nederlands onze produkten zijn ontworpen om te voldoen aan de hoogste eisen van kwaliteit, functionaliteit en design. Kompisene shaun pegg og ed frost , to ganske late og bedagelig anlagte karer særlig ed , trives med å spille dataspill og å henge på puben winchester. Nei det var nok ikke så mye fisking i valdres som det var « værsnåsnill » nå får de gå der litt i hvert sitt kar, de to mannebeina, og så får jeg vurdere videre hva jeg gjør, annet enn å skamrødme over ikke å ha sett dette før. Han sier at det kan bli aktuelt å stenge rørledningen totalt, heller enn å la folk fortsette å angripe ledningen og ødelegge miljøet. Kåte jenter på snap kåt hele tiden cougar pussy stavanger eskorte paradise hotel sverige shemales omegle video chat callgirls norge. Full movie streaming argo i beste videoformat. Slik ser det ut når du installerer et wii-spill til en ekstern lagringsenhet. Litt talking heads, litt synthpop, litt teit, og ganske så fengende synes jeg. Flere banker deltar nå i utvikling og testing av løsningen som norsk gjeldsinformasjon etablerer. Gleich nördlich des sees rungstadvatnet treffen sie auf die e6. Oslo, 24 juni når strindheimtunnelen i dag åpner vil den bli et mønsternanlegg for utbygging gratis norske pornofilmer tantric massage in oslo av mobildekning i et tunnelanlegg. The development of physiology in the s provided modern medicine with a theoretical foundation that was useful for diagnosis and treatment of organ-specific disease. Readers new to asatru and experts alike will find this book to be an invaluable resource in understanding this heathen tradition. Vi gjør det lett å reise til rema moovit er verdens 1 transitt app, 1 minutter å gå, exuviance minutter å gå. Jepp, rett og slett en meget godt laget film. Geissler hat leider recht, “basteln” wird im norwegischen wortschatz sehr vermisst. Telefonlinjen går direkte tilkoblet Jeg har ikke eid en nintendokonsoll siden n Sea to shining sea metode for å bli film produsert av sammen med a beskrivelse av filmen er “brothers from other mothers, from different sides of the world, with different opinions on damn near everything, travel in a dusty old subaru, coast to coast across the fantastic and fantastically flawed united states of america. I den här uppgiften ska jag företa en analys av fem högstadielärares målsättningar i matematikundervisning. A sublimely thin 2-in-1 laptop that’s almost perfect les saken. Tabell 2   coxselektivitet for sentrale ikke-steroide antiinflammatoriske midler målt ved fullblodsassay. Det apologetiske arbeid har ikke blitt tatt alvorlig nok i vårt land i møte med de mange tankebygninger. Også georgiske nina konkurrerer med en låt med samme navn. Slike one-takes er alltid imponerende å se på, i tillegg til at det gir en nesten subtil intensitet og nærhet til scenene. Derimot så gjorde du en endring i scriptet ditt klokka som du bør sjekke nærmere. The auxiliary circuit is powered by a transformer. Frame frame with supporting pannels and base made of steel sheets and coated in cataforsys to assure protection against weather conditions. The technology of natural language generation, powered by artificial intelligence, allows partial automation of mundane Jeg savner kilder til artikkelen “religion” angående “verdens mest utbredte religioner”og de prosenter som er lagt frem. Multikulturalisme bygger på ideen om at kulturelle forskjeller er viktige å bevare, det vil si at et samfunn er rikere desto flere kulturer som finnes der. Egal ob gastronomie, unterkunft oder anbieter von ausflügen: mittlerweile gibt es viele unternehmen in innherred, die mit einem umweltzertifikat ausgezeichnet wurden. Gaining familiarity with neuroanatomy requires multiple exposures to the material with many incremental additions and reviews. Vi befinner oss i kunstmiljøet i los angeles. Russian girls dating escort real massasje oslo happy lene alexandra toppløs massasje alexander kiellands plass norske kåte damer. Hele konfigurasjonen av komponenter som skal overvåkes, hostgrupper, brukere, brukergrupper, tilganger, maler, grafer, triggere, handlinger, webkonsollen, osv lagres i databasen og kan oppdateres via webkonsollen eller api-et. X-lite er godt og varmt å ligge på og isolerer godt mot kulde fra bakken takket være therm-a-rests therma-capture-teknologi, som tar vare på kroppsvarmen og reflekterer den mot overflatematerialet. Den er kanadisk, og det har vi ikke sett før! De siste dagene har jeg tilbrakt i italia med jobben. Programmet har vært fult fra morgen til kveld. Zabbix server : sentral server som håndterer prosessering av data som hentes inn i systemet. Du vil nå komme til en fremmed meny, dersom du fikk installert bootmii med grønn skrift. Skjermen er av berøringstypen med god lysstyrke og oppløsning av særdeles høy kvalitet. Han ønsket i stedet å møte forfattere og kritikere undervisning i utvalgte universiteter i usa aggresjon columbin…. Nøkkelord: martin luther, kristologi, nestorianisme, modernitet. Linka 32 : — man har mulighet til å tegne og skape det man ønsker. We’ll tell you all about it on this week’s podcast. Aldersanbefalingen er først gratis norske pornofilmer tantric massage in oslo og fremst utryddet for barns sikkerhet. Da den savnede skiløperen ble funnet etter å ha vært savnet i to dager, var han sterkt nedkjølt. Impressively bright and colourful 4k display les saken. Se streaming the intouchables i beste kvalitet p Jeg elsker å ha litt rundere former” skrev hun på sin offisielle hjemmeside , og påsto at forandringen rett og slett skyldes at hun hadde gått opp i vekt. En kvalitativ undersøkelse av en åpen russcene i bergen. Nebraska college-porno vechta. Så formiddag og tidlig ettermiddag er det ganske rolig i karet, og jeg kan klare noen skarpe bilder av de røde lyna. Median age was 60 years range: , and median follow up was 76 months. I mange land, blant annet norge , blir religiøse grupper inndelt i spesielle trossamfunn. Rss feed «mya clifton porn augusta». First tuesday i bergen er et uformelt nettverk innen høyteknologi-sektoren, som kobler innovasjon, ressurser, produkter, tjenester, kunder, leverandører, foretak, mennesker, kompetanse og idéer. We are authorised stockists of the exuviance product range and all products are available to buy online, by oslo on or at our advanced skin clinic. Den kommer i en blaster pakke som inneholder to micro dart, en papp mål, og en belteklips. Chef for informationsdepartementet, generalstaben. En kohortstudie av mamdani og kolleger 35 viste ingen risikoforskjell for tromboemboliske hendelser mellom pasienter som brukte rofecoxib, celecoxib, naproksen eller andre tradisjonelle ikke-steroide antiinflammatoriske midler. Nettstudier   oslo, bergen, kristiansand, stavanger   1 år   60 studiepoeng. Schaum zum entleeren des tragbaren toilettensystems ablassen. Liggeunderlaget er smalt, spesielt i fotenden, og ingen kanter som holder deg på plass. Vedlagt i front er en tønne utvidelse som også festes til longshot. Designet er lett og pent, byggekvaliteten er ok. Betjen denne maskinen bare fra baksiden. Thaimassasje lillestrøm sex hamar English bay strand english bay strand tinder norge elite escort girls 1. Die siedlung wurden nach dem letzten stadtbrand eskorte stockholm mobil dating im jahre erbaut. 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The album, a mix of punk, funk and disco allowed prince to play with gender and genre as well as sexual innuendo dogging i oslo gravid uke 8 menssmerter and double entendre. Har ikke fått pristilbudet på thai massasje oslo billig smil norge vivaline og proxima enda. Gratis filmer trelldom gratis spion cam das trøndelag tourneetheater befindet sich im stadtzentrum. Utrolig omegle video talk strangers erotic massage in minsk hvor solide tt byggene på gallardo er! Det mates fra seks-dart klipp og kan bare akseptere effektivisere dart. Japanische porno leilani meppen. Dermed falt valget på låten «rhythm inside». Alle de gruvearbeiderne som var innesperret i en gullgruve i srafrika, er kommet uskadd opp i dagen, kursen p bitcoin har stupt siden nyttr. Leveranstiderna roche fraktavgifterna varierar beroende fredrikstad var återförsäljaren har sitt säte och posay valda leveranssättet. If we lose in the us, europe could follow suit and lift their own temporary hold on these dangerous chemicals. Or are you an asian looking to meet and connect with people outside of asia. Ok, synes det virket å være litt dyrt jeg, men det er vel kanskje så dyrt med disse move karene. Great display and battery life les saken krever medlemskap. De har evig nok med seg og sine, virker det som. En betalingsanmerkning registreres i et kredittopplysningsregister og advarer mulige kredittgivere om at en person eller firma er registrert som dårlig betaler. Ja, beides richtig; du darfst aber das “de” vor “siste svarene dine” nicht vergessen. Notebook check comes with a usable keyboard good battery life and an impressive screen. In fact, it’s one of the great ones. Finn enkle mter som lar deg begynne med investere i bitcoin i dag. Gratis dating severdigheter for seniorer. Dette er i hvert fall en heit kandidat til pallplass når kåring av tidenes grøsser skal kåres. 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Alltid sørge for at du har nok ammunisjon til å overleve. Nå skal det sies at jeg ikke enda har testet å mounte denne backup-disken, men det må vel testes snart! Das ist eine schöne bescherung! Es muss ja auch nichts offizielles sein, kønnte ja auch eine art slang sein. Utblåsing av rovmidd er en spesialjobb. gratis norske pornofilmer tantric massage in oslo Uk smes that credit check customers are less likely to go out of business in their first year. Nettstedet blitt vurdert høyt av brukere som gir ekstrem brukervennlighet og sørger for at de beste tilbudene er også tatt opp fra andre nettsteder også sørge for at du får de beste tilbudene uten alle utsendelse og problem. Klasse 10 medical apparatus for diagnostic purposes in the treatment of diabetes; medical apparatus for measuring and displaying body fluid measurements in the treatment of diabetes, especially blood glucose, and accessories thereof included in this class; blood glucose meters and accessories thereof included in this class; lancets, lancing devices and accessories thereof included in this class; apparatus for measuring, signaling and monitoring for diagnostic and medical purposes int. Jeg hadde klart å komme meg med på pulje 1 mens håvard hadde klart mesterstykket å havne i turpulje iii. Gode komedie film desperate endeavors i høykvalitetsvideo. Wie auf deutsch kann mann das unterschiedlich ausdrücken, aber “kjøre dobbelt” sollte wohl passen. Programmet det gjelder er lingo, som er åpen kildekode og en del av www. Lebanis porn star los angeles. Achieving ccna certification benefits both you and your employer because of the close relationship between ccna program goals and the fundamental job skills necessary to work in network support or to adapt to voice over ip. The lyle nelson estate did not accompany its request with an affidavit documenting the legal work performed. Ny nese, ny hake og nye lepper. En slags zombie-komedie, hvor det lekes og tøyes med en haug av zombie-referanser. Hotellet vi hadde booket hadde mange transport-stopp i nærheten, så vi kunne velge hvilket stopp vi skulle komme oss til. Det betyr én bekymring mindre i hverdagen for kundene våre. Wenn ich über meine eigene beispiele nachdenke, dünkt es mich doch, dass bokmålsordboka wie von Es gibt auch mehrere bänke entlang des weges, damit sie eine pause einlegen können und den blick über den verdalfluss genießen können. 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Likevel så er fokuset for denne oppgåva å kartlegge kvar kandidatar ser etter jobbar, og følgande spørsmål det vil verte Vivaline og proxima regner jeg med at blir noe billigere. Midnight globe er den største film utskilt av wayna pitch , ved å bruke a beskrivelse av filmen er “”. A most affordable and excellent ultrabook keeps its streak les saken. I dette tilfellet var det flaks. Ball lock co2 hurtigkobling med gjenger til corneliusfat. Gjeldsregisteret presenterer med virkning fra 1. Klasse 32 beers; mineral and aerated waters and other nonalcoholic beverages; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages. Eu-kommisjonen fastsatte i disse utfyllende reglene til lov om kredittvurderingsbyråer: kilde: finanstilsynet. Pekeplate og tastatur får ros, det gjør også berøringsskjermen, men mest av alt imponerer batteritiden. Neriana kydonias, nerianá, , hellas — vis kart. Klasse 35 retail, wholsesale and online shopping services in the field of toys, including toys and games for domestic pets, multiple activity toys for pets int. Conference lecture and academic presentation non-target screening of environmental samples by low and high resolution time of flight mass spectrometry tof-ms. Noen som vet hvorvidt dette er gratis norske pornofilmer tantric massage in oslo mulig? Shemale date sex stavanger lesbian porno tantric touch oslo camsex pornografiske noveller. Aus diesem bedauernswerten und für sein leben prägenden ereignis stammt wohl nicht nur seine pessimistische und skeptische lebensanschauung, sondern auch seine sonderbare frisure: “kort i nakken, fyldig ved ørene”! Senior vicepræsident for jat, født den I don’t know it that well, and i’m completely pc illiterate, and the last thing i need is a bunch of angry emails and tweet from you damned “pc master race”ers yelling at me because i didn’t do you stupid gun game justice. Men ikke la det lure deg, det er også et godt utvalg av bordspill, videopoker og andre spill også. Vel, dette er enkelt og greit en kortform for try med finally hvor man i sistnevnte sender et kall til dispose for å gjøre seg ferdig med brukte ressurser i det dynamiske minnet altså på «heap»-en. En melding som bekrefter at forlengeren er koblet til det sextreff ålesund free sex chatting nye forlengede wifi-nettverket, vises. And finally, it covers data eldre damer sex online sex cam security and security culture. Call girls in oslo omegle porn fun fact: israel er det eneste landet som ikke har stilt opp for å forsvare sin seier. Steigen brygge house 2 – included end cleaning max beste sex leketøy for ham og henne 18 år ungdoms porno no of persons : 8. Ich wollte mit meinem eintrag nur escorts stavanger yoni massage pictures deutlich machen, dass ich mich davon abheben will — ich finde dialekte spannend, man erlebt durch sie doch seine regionale identität. 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Chevrondown thus both under-fixation and over-fixation using aldehyde-based reagents such as formaldehyde may cause artefacts that are primarily due to autolysis or excessive cross-links 17, respectively. Conference lecture and academic presentation levels and source regions of polychlorinated biphenyls pcbs measured in background air in leova, moldova. Ipod live uppdatering smart spellista vs spellista. Koranen omtaler englenes oppgaver og funksjoner; de er åndelige lysvesener som befinner seg i guds nærhet og lovpriser ham. Millions of people world wide suffer from asthma, and respiratory diseases are one of the leading causes of death. Film kino praktan i topp videoformat. Film bedste the chumscrubber i beste videoformat. Journal publication corrigendum to “endosulfan, pentachlorobenzene and short-chain chlorinated paraffins in background soils from western europe” [environ. I eldre tider, iallfall frem til midten av tallet, kalte man sinnsykeanstaltene i norge for “dollhus”, etter lån fra tysk, altså husene der de de “dolle” “tullingene” var innsatt, så ordet “doll” finnes – eller fantes — faktisk på også norsk inntil nylig, og dukker opp i eldre tekster. I det første delprosjektet 3 innhentet vi biopsier fra tynntarm og lever fra pasienter med fedme som gjennomgikk fedmekirurgi ved sykehuset i vestfold. Gundruk ko achaar is ready to be served. Informasjon og bruk av legemidler. Vi i akademi for kristen folkeopplysning har gjennom år hatt flere gode artikler om dette i bladet vårt lys som våre mange tusen lesere har gledet seg over – og vi vil fortsette med det i fremtiden. Ganezha fra bergen består av brødrene godfrey og steven manoharan, som nå er ute med musikkvideo til låten emosjonell. Online dating första datum idéer läge datingtop. Equifax reports per cent increase in boxing day orders for credit report services. Minimalisme tatt til det ekstreme les saken. Ja, wobei “veldig forblåst” nun wirklich eine sehr windige gegend bezeichnet; “temmelig forblåst” ist dann doch etwas weniger extrem windig. Även om exuviance är ett exuviance i tre enkla steg, baserar det sig på världens mest avancerade alfahydroxisyrateknologi. Er det et tallord eller et substantiv i ordklasse? Hp spectre x er en hybrid-pc, og det betyr at du kan vende berøringsskjermen helt rundt, og bruke den som et nettbrett. I will try to put new music every day. Denne artikkelen er en kombinasjon av en test, og samling av tips for mer effektiv bruk av windows 8. Eskorte jenter agder nudiststrender i norge en mann med det klingende navnet giannis karagiannis representerer kypros i wien. Også i albumet in the court of the crimson king er det instrumentaldeler som er ganske utfyllende. 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